The Nexus 4 may potentially cost more than the Google Play Store.

4 Nov

The Nexus 4 one of the most viewed Android devices in the last couple weeks. Featuring a powerful feature set, and with a decent price tag. Well that may change as LG is considering on pricing the Nexus 4 differently in countries outside the US.

In countries such as Italy the device could potentially be priced at $768USD while Spain and India will have a price tag of $650USD.
Personally I think these prices compared to the $309 and $359 on the Canadian Google Play Store is just downright terrifying.

Overall I thought the partnership between Google and LG would be good (being a previous owner of a LG Optimus One), but I am having second thoughts.

Currently there is no official word from Google and LG themselves but I hope this isn’t the truth.

In the mean time you can read up my first thoughts of the Nexus 4, and Google new lineup.

Source: Android Headlines


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